• Morning Drop Off can be as early as 8:00AM following drop-off procedures listed in consent form

  • Campers will remain in one studio for dance, lunch and art for the full day following social distancing guidelines.

  • Camp will be held Monday through Friday from 8:30AM - 3:00PM.

  • Every Thursday at 2:00PM, campers will perform a show available to parents to view via ZOOM. The ZOOM link will be sent the Wednesday prior to the show date.

  • Every Friday there will be a themed in-house field trip. 

Camp Attire:

Clothing should be comfortable and allow for movement.. The same outfit will be worn all day. An extra set of clothes and place them in a clear plastic bag. Studio employees will disinfect clothes and place them back in the bag. 


May be brought from home from Monday through Thursday and pizza will be served on Fridays. All lunch boxes will be disinfected at the entrance to studio. 


Will begin at 3:00PM via car pick-up line (please refer to consent form).
There will be no after-care available.

Though we might have some new rules the fun remains the same!

We look forward to seeing you at Summer Camp!

M.I.A.D.F. is excited to offer Summer Dance Camp to all kids ages 5 and older. Registration is now open! Keeping in mind the current COVID-19, the studio is monitoring the situation and implementing strict protocols included in the attached Consent Form. Please review the consent form, the camp registration form, sign and return to participate. You may scan or take a photo and return to studio email: